Created in France, roulette game is worldwide popular and entered many online and land-based casinos. Today roulette is available in different versions such as European, American, Multi Wheel and even 3D. Played on a numbered wheel, the aim of the game is to guess what number the ball will land on.

Roulette: The History

The origins of roulette game are still being studied, but we know for sure that this game was invented in France: “roulette”, in fact, means “small wheel” in French. Actually, roulette game is thought to be a fusion of some other English, Italian and French games. Many people believe that 19th century French scientist Blaise Pascal was the “involuntary” father of roulette game. This all happened when Pascal was studying the perpetual motion and wanted to create a perpetual motion machine.

A legend says that roulette game was the result of his intuition. The earliest references of roulette were published in 1750 in the Canadian region of Quebec; here, a gambling regulation mentioned a new game called “roulette”.

Furthermore, Roulette game is also found in a French novel written by Jacques Lablee in 1796: "La roulette, ou le jour". The novel describes the rules of roulette game. So, 1796 can be considered the year of the official approval of roulette as a gambling game.

A few people know that double zero American version is the original roulette game. Experts started to study roulette variants (i.e., single zero roulette) in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century.Gambling games spread all over Europe and the U.S.A and became so popular that, in the mid nineteenth century, Germany issued a contract which forced the Blanc family to move to Montecarlo because they didn’t want to go out of their arcade room business.

From Montecarlo to the biggest world casinos is but a short step. Roulette game became very popular at the casinos of the Gambling Mecca, Las Vegas. Roulette rapidly evolved into the American new style; US contribute was very important since it influenced the roulette table and wheel layout. Moreover, roulette game origins are also wreathed in a legend that was like something out of a movie or a book: in fact, the myth says that a certain Blanc, a French player, bargained with the devil to win at roulette. The legend is based on the fact that the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel (from 1 to 36) is 666, the so-called Number of the Beast.

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Roulette Rules

In Roulette game the player has to make a guess as to what portion of the wheel the ball is likely to land in. Wagers are many and range from “outside” (double chances such as red/black, even/odd, 1/18 and 19/36 and also dozens or columns bets) to “inside” bets. Though they are very hard to guess, inside bets have the highest payouts. The highest paying bet is straight: 35 times the amount wagered.

Roulette variants may be slightly different from one another, but their rules are generally easy to understand. Since the aim of the game is to guess where the ball will land as the wheel stops, the player may stake his chips in different ways. First of all, there are two different types of bets: inside and outside bets. Outside bets are typically easier to hit, but they have smaller payouts. These bets are called “outside” bets because they are placed outside the green layout. Roulette outside stakes are:

  • Red or black
  • Even or odd
  • 1/18 or 19/36
  • Dozens bets
  • Columns bets

The first three are even bets paying 1:1; for each euro wagered you will receive another euro. Dozens and columns, on the contrary, pay 2:1. It’s easy: the player wagers on a red/black number, or else on an even/odd number, on a 1/18 or 19/36, or even on one of the three dozens and columns. If the ball lands on 0, the player loses his bet (unless otherwise noted). Inside bets are more difficult to guess, though they have higher payouts. They are called “inside” bets because the chips are placed on the internal part of the green layout. Inside bets are:

  • Straight (single)
  • Split
  • Street
  • Square
  • Six line

Straight is the least likely to hit, but has the highest payouts. If you place one euro on a straight, in fact, you will receive 35 euros. Split is a bet on two numbers and pays 17:1. Street and square are bets on three and four numbers respectively; the former pays 11, the latter 8 times the amount wagered. Finally, six-line is a bet on six numbers and pays 5:1.

Roulette versions

Variant name Roulette Brief description
American Roulette American Roulette may be considered the “mother” of roulette games. Many people think that the first game version was single zero French roulette, but double zero (00) American Roulette was actually the oldest roulette version. Anyway, the differences between American Roulette and other versions are much more. Otherwise, American Roulette boasts a comfortable table and a wheel which is suitable for every player’s need. Moreover, you can also use colored coins so that your bet is differentiated from other players’ bets. This is a great solution at the live casinos, though it is a bit more difficult to perform at the online casinos.
European Roulette European Roulette can be considered the French Roulette’s “poor” sister, but please do not be misled by this definition because European Roulette is every bit as good as the other versions. On the contrary, it is easy to learn and every bet is immediately reported on the table. No announcements or other specific bets are available. No double zero. Available in many different versions, European Roulette has soon become one of the top online casino games among gamblers. At land-based casinos, however, French and American Roulette are more popular than European Roulette.
European Roulette Gold European Roulette Gold is the extra-luxury version of European Roulette. The rules are the same, in fact Gold is the easiest roulette version to learn. However, graphics and audio effects are excellent! Through European Roulette Gold online experience you will feel like you are playing at a land-based casino. Online casino Gold games’ series has always tried to convey a realistic land-based casino gaming experience.
French Roulette Unlike many people think, French Roulette is an American Roulette variation. However, French Roulette is much more popular than other variants and features a wide range of bets as well as announcements. These particular bets allow the player to cover specific wheel sections without having to place his chips on the corresponding numbers. French Roulette is also the most convenient version: the house advantage is the lowest of all.
3D Roulette 3D Roulette is the 3D game version. This is not a common game, but the most accurate online casino roulette game. 3D Roulette is very similar to a land-based casino game and the perceived 3D profundity of the objects on the screen (table, wheel and even chips) obtained through 3D technology is the icing on the cake. Moreover, 3D Roulette’s features are the same as in French and European versions: one single zero, extra announcements, etc. Furthermore, the player loses his bet in case of double chance bet and if zero appears.
Roulette Royale Roulette Royale is another winning opportunity. Apart from some European and French roulette typical bets, Roulette Royale features a progressive jackpot that increases every time an online casino client starts a new match. The progressive jackpot may be unlocked if the same number appears on the wheel for two or more consecutive times. If a number appears for five consecutive times on the wheel, the player wins the entire progressive jackpot that may value several thousand of euros. What is more, Roulette Royale’s “single zero” feature benefits the player.

Roulette Glossary

Players should learn all the terms associated with roulette. If they are familiar with the roulette glossary, in fact, they may also learn more about the main features of this game. Most of basic terms concern the stakes: “six-line”, “carré”, “double chance”, “announcements” are just a few examples of the most important roulette words. This glossary includes the most used roulette terms.

  • “A”
    • Action. Everything that concerns player’s bets.
    • American Roulette. An American variation of Roulette. The original version of Roulette game.
    • Announcement. Particular bets involving groups of numbers.
  • “B”
    • Backtrack. The outside part of the roulette, on the dealer’s side.
    • Bottom track. The inner area of a wheel which the ball slides down before bouncing onto the wheel head.
  • “C”
    • Carré. Bet on four numbers.
    • Column. Bet on twelve numbers in a column.
    • Corner bet. Una delle puntate che coinvolgono l'angolo sinistro del tavolo, cioè i numeri accanto allo zero (zero compreso) Mi pareva di ricordare che la definizione fosse “scommessa che coinvolge quattro numeri, e cioè “Bet on four numbers”.
    • Croupier. The staff member who runs the roulette game.
  • “D”
    • Double zero. American Roulette has 0 and 00 pockets to wager on.
    • Dozen. Bet that covers twelve numbers.
  • “E”
    • En prison. A particular rule typically found in European Roulette versions; the player can lose only half of his bet on a double chance when zero comes out.
    • Even money. A typical double chance bet. It pays off at one to one.
    • Even or odd. Bet on an even or odd number.
  • “I”
    • High/Low Bet. Bet on whether the ball will land on a 1-18 or 19-36 number.
  • “L“
    • Layout. The covering on the roulette table; it may be different for some variations of Roulette.
  • “N“
    • Neighbors of the zero. One of the most used announcements containing 0-2-3, 4-7, 12-15, 18-21, 19-22, 25-26-28-29, 32-35.
  • “O“
    • Orphelins. One of the most popular announcements containing the following numbers: 1, 6-9, 14-17, 17-20, 31-34.
  • “P“
    • Payout. La ricompensa di una scommessa.
    • Plein. Bet on straight in French roulette.
  • “R“
    • Red or black. Bet on a red or black number.
  • “S“
    • Series. See “Announcements”.
    • Series 5/8. One of the most used announcements containing 5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, 33-36.
    • Six line. Bet on six numbers.
    • Split. Bet on two numbers.
    • Street. Scommessa che prevede di puntare su tre numeri.
  • “Z“
    • Zero. Number not counted to be an outside bet.

Roulette strategies and tricks

Strategies to beat the roulette wheel are a lot, but there is no trick that guarantees the player a sure win. Apart from some commonsense rules, players may use a series of systems developed during the years. The most famous systems are based on double chances; they are called Fibonacci, Andruchi, Pivot, Martingale and Labouchere systems. Another good system to beat the wheel is to bet on the series, since they are expensive but valid stakes.

You can play Roulette and win, but please be aware there are no strategies and tricks that guarantee the player a win. However, mathematicians have created or suggested useful systems that may help players increase their winning chances and reduce their losses

First of all, let’s see some commonsense rules. Gamblers who like to make double chance bets would better double their bet on any stake, since double chance bets have a high probability to succeed, but they pay a little. As a matter of fact, expert gamblers think that series are definitely the best bets. The series of a set of numbers covers specific section of the roulette wheel. As a result, the player is meant to win if the ball lands on a specific section of the wheel.

Now, let’s analyze the most popular systems used to beat the Roulette wheel. Based on mathematical concepts, those strategies are always founded on probability theory. In other words, it’s impossible to predict where the ball will land. Anyway, the most popular systems are:

  • Labouchere System
    Like most of Roulette strategies, Labouchere system is founded on double chance bets. First of all, you have to set what sum of money you want to win, then a series of numbers (they may be consecutive or not). You have then to add the first and last numbers of the series and stake according to the chosen amount. Let’s say, for example, that 1 and 5 are the first numbers of the series and 2 euros is the wager amount, you will have to bet (1 + 6) x 2 = 14 euros. If this bet wins the player crosses out 1 and 5. If the bet loses, you add 7 and so on. The aim of this system is to delete all numbers and complete the series.
  • Martingale System
    Martingale system was inspired by martingale, a mathematical concept introduced by a French mathematician. These strategies are good for double chances. The gambler may double his bet after a loss. The first win will provide a profit equal to the original stake.
  • Pivot System
    It’s a very easy system: you have to keep track of the numbers appeared on the roulette until you get a number that repeats. Such number is called the Pivot number, and you have to bet on it for the next 36 spins. Pivot system is founded on a controversial mathematical concept not approved by scientists: "Law of the Third". Read the full review of the Pivot System
  • Andruchi System
    Andruchi system is founded on very complex calculations and simulations. Every ten spins seven single numbers will come out: in the next three events 0, 1, 2 or 3 single numbers may come out. In Andruchi system, the player has to stake for three consecutive spins on all the numbers that are not yet appeared on the wheel, and the first seven numbers chosen mustn’t repeat.
  • Fibonacci System
    Inspired by the famous sequence of the Italian mathematician, Fibonacci system is based on stakes that follow an incremental series where the next number equals the sum of the two preceding numbers. Fibonacci system is a roulette strategy applied only on double chance bets.

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