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The Pivot system is one of the simplest ways to try your luck at the online Roulette. Although the Pivot system is easy to apply, some players often find it boring, but the opportunity of playing on two or more tables simultaneously is a good remedy against boredom.

The Pivot roulette system is one of the easiest strategies to remember and perform for online casino players who want to win at the roulette game. The name of this system derives from the first number (“pivot number”) that comes up twice in a series of spins. So, in a sequence such as 23, 12, 8, 36, 2, 12, 24, 17 etc., the number 12 would be considered your pivot number. Once his pivot number has been established for a session, the player has to place a stake for the same amount on this number until it comes up again or worse still, for 36 spins.

Video guide of the Pivot system

The system

The Pivot System lies on the statistical theory called “law of the third” which says that all roulette numbers shall appear with similar frequency in long run”. Another name for this theory is “law of uneven distribution”. So, the fact that a player is more likely to spin a number that has already spun earlier in the sequence can be considered living proof of the cyclical nature of random gaming actions. This could be a good scientific way of picking a number, instead to choose randomly.

Pros and cons

Image of the Pivot System video guide applied to the Roulette game (French).

The pivot system is easy to use and the player doesn’t need any endless mathematical disquisitions to understand the rationale behind this method, as instead happens for the Andruchi system. It is also true, however, that the game runs a bit too slow with the pivot system, in fact is appreciated by players who like spending time playing their games in total relax, but might appear tedious and repetitive for those players who want an immersive, adrenaline-boosting gaming experience: long delays, no thrilling adventures, and (what is more) the wagers are always the same or, worse, are repeated for 36 times!

Handling tips

If you’re used to play exciting, gripping roulette game, you will find here some easy tips that can improve your pivot system gaming adventure. When possible, you can bet different numbers on more than one table in order to make the gaming experience less slow, but not before having recorded the pivot number of all tables where you want to try your luck. Boost your entertainment and have a fascinating experience by playing on two or more tables at once, even at the best online casinos! Certainly, the most active players will be happy to enjoy more different gaming sessions. The pivot system increases the cost of your stakes, but reduces losses and maximizes your gaming opportunities. So, you’d better maintain constant, traceable wins and losses to keep control of the situation.