Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque takes some of the features of the original and is often played online. The major difference in this version is that rather than the standard six to eight decks of cards used, the dealer only uses three. Like other variants player can play the role of banker in banque also which is an individual with the highest wager.

Baccarat Banque, a Baccarat game, is much more like “Chemin de Fer” than “Punto Banco”.

Just like in “Chemin de Fer”, in fact, one of the players substitutes the banker and deals the cards. However, the main difference between “Chemin de Fer” and “Baccarat Banque” is that the position of the banker is more permanent in “Baccarat Banque, in fact the banker doesn’t fold unless he decides to retire his winnings or he has lost his money and is not going to invest other funds.

Normally, the banker role is assigned to the player who is most willing to risk the biggest bet. However, this rule is not valid for some casinos and the banker may be the first player sitting at the table or writing his name on the list.

Two, three or four decks may be used in Baccarat Banque, though it is normally played with three decks.  The deck is handed to the banker. But let’s see the position of the other players: a Baccarat Banque complete table is composed of a banker, a croupier (namely, a supervisor employed by the casino) and two groups of five players sitting at the left and right size of the table.

Warning! In this moment we do not know online casinos that offer this game.

The croupier shuffles the cards and the banker deals two cards for himself and two cards for one player of each group (the first at his right and the first at his left). As in Baccarat “Chemin de Fer”, these two players (punters) will be the “mouthpiece” of the other players until they win; if they lose, the next hand is dealt to the player next following them in rotation.

All punters can go “bank”; in other words, the player’s bet must equal the banker’s. The first punter called is the one on the right of the banker; the next is the player on the banker’s left, and so on alternatively in regular order. If two punters want to "go bank," they go half shares. Who goes bank may play on a single hand or two hands separately, sharing half of the stake.

When three hands are dealt, the punters start calling for the cards as in Baccarat “Chemin de Fer” and the three main actors may call for a third card, unless they have a natural (8 or 9 on the first two cards). The punter who totalized the highest score wins.